This CPR and AED course covers the essential skills required by an AED (Automatic Electronic Defibrillator) operator and gives students the confidence to know what to do in this kind of emergency.

CPR (cardio pulmonary resuscitation) and the use of AED can literally save lives. AED machines are becoming increasingly familiar, with devices now available for use in shopping centres, schools, airports etc.

There is evidence that supports early defibrillation is without a doubt, the single most effective treatment for sudden cardiac arrest and its recovery.


Who should Attend?

Our CPR and AED First Aid Training is an excellent course for workplace first aiders, school teachers and staff and healthcare providers, large community groups as well as the general public.


Course Content

Survival Rates

The Heart

Heart Attacks/Sudden Cardiac Arrest/Angina

The Heart’s Electrical System

Heart Rhythms

Resuscitation with an AED

AED Safety Considerations

Recommended Accessories

Recovery Position



4 hours


Course Requirements

All delegates must attend all the session to be suitably assessed.

All delegates must be physically able to undertake the practical assessments.


Assessment and Certification

Every delegate who completes the assessments will receive a CPR and AED Certificate which is valid for 3 years although we recommend that you update your skills every 12 months.

This certificate is accredited by an awarding body.


Why Choose Us?

We have very flexible options of delivery including evenings and weekends.

We offer very competitive prices.

CPR and AED – please ring us to book on 01246 455798

We can look at offering further discounts for multiple bookings and contracts.




All our trainers are fully qualified in First Aid and AED training and have a number of years’ experience working within the care skills sector.  All trainers and tutor undergo continuous training to inform them of changes to legislation and safe work practices.



Training Evaluation

At our Centre we evaluate all our training which is fed back from each individual learner.  This information is vital to demonstrate how well we are doing.

Our latest audit of shows a very high standard achieved by all our trainers who teach on the CPR and AED course.